"When you go home
Tell them of us and say,
For your tomorrow
We gave our today"
the Kohima War Memorial Epitaph
The Names on The Olney War Memorial  1939-1945

Foreword by Capt J S Stewart OBE FRAgS

Alec describes clearly in his introduction which follows how his history of Olneyís War Dead came to be written. Some years later his brother Derek, who was the Olney & District Royal British Legion Standard Bearer and Committee member, died. His widow, Pam, generously donated the collection taken at the funeral to the branch. For several years the Committee debated how best to use the money which was kept Ďring-fencedí in the accounts.

A year ago Colin Mackenzie, who has an interest in local history, had seen Alecís booklet in the Parish Church and had asked leave of the Vicar to copy it. He felt that with the coming of the Internet and the publication of a great number of old records, there was more information to be added to the booklet. He approached the Branch to enquire whether Alecís work, enhanced by what he had unearthed, could be published for the benefit of historians and the relatives of those who had died. The Committee felt that this would be possible with the proviso that no money would be charged for the resulting booklet and nobody would profit financially.

Some of Alecís family felt that the work should not be altered but have been persuaded that Alec himself would have approved the action of the Committee, who then decided that Derekís legacy should be used to fund the publication.

To distinguish the original work, Alecís text is shown in bold italics, whilst Colinís additions are in plain typeface.

I commend the final draft to those who are interested - and it is still a draft because, in the course of time, even more information may emerge.

May 2005                           Introduction by Alec Morgan

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